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Who We Are ?


KELLAFRIQUE, being a recognized association, was created to respond to crucial issues: anticipate changes, promote an original and lively growth, invent new models to get Africa and Cameroon in particular, up and build a sustainable future. All of our actions revolves around a strong (pertinent) idea: villages. The population and the youth of our country are its greatest riches (wealth) and our responsibility is to provide them with the means for a brilliant (brighter) future. The commitment and action of KELLAFRIQUE in favor of the development of villages and their population follows several programs, which continues in parallel to reach (achieve) our objectives: The KELLEWANDA program and the BOMABAYE Program, linked together by the development of TALENT ENTREPRENEURS PARTNERS “the TEP”.

Pierre Biboum II — President, Kellafrique

Our resources

KELLAFRIQUE proposes an original and sustainable development project for Cameroon in particular and Africa in general. This project is based(focuses) on the resources that have always been the strength of Africa.


Touristic potential

The youth

Kellafrique’s Dimensions

Because we must find local solutions to unemployment, srarting today and for tomorrow.

KELLAFRIQUE uses all the patrimonial aspects of the cultural and natural environment to enrich the economic, environmental, socio-cultural and tourist development processes; building a foundation on six major pillars of sustainable development, which are interdependent components.

Environmental Quality

It will consist of the preservation, improvement and enhancement of the environment.

Social and Cultural Equity

KELLAFRIQUE is keen to encourage the participation of all groups and social categories.

Economic Efficiency

It is committed to growth and development, and economic efficiency through modes ... ( trends).


Identify practices that promote solidarity between generations, and are implemented.

Democratic Discipline

KELLAFRIQUE breathes its founding values, the place of learning of living together and sharing.


Today, it is important to realize that digital has become a culture.(culture has been digitalized).


Become a Voluntary Member Volunteer

KELLAFRIQUE is an association exclusively dedicated to Sustainable Development, and is composed solely of Voluntary Member Volunteers (VMV)

Kellafrique’s Axes

KELLAFRIQUE, revolves around several axes:

  • Promote the organic production of agricultural products, aromatic and medicinal plants and their cultivation
  •  Collaborate and exchange within networks of academics (academic network), doctors, therapists and traditional practitioners around the world.
  •  Participate in the maintenance of ecological continuity in villages that favors and allows species of wild fauna and flora, whether remarkable or ordinary.
  •  Participate in the creation of a Center for Agricultural and Technical Studies for the production and processing of agricultural products, aromatic and medicinal plants from the regions.
  •  Contribute to the prevention of persons and the protection of movable and immovable property as well as that of natural or legal persons directly or indirectly related to the security of property.
  • Allow young people to test or initiate an activity and then perpetuate it, in a dynamic of collective and supportive development, with the use of the KELLEWANDA program support contract, which underlies the term “cooperative”. ‘activities’, with several dimensions.

KELLAFRIQUE helps to finance these solidarity activities by researching public or private donors or by participating in them.



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