Kellafrique: Women's Formation March 8, World Day.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day organised by the KELLAFRIQUE association from 1 to 7 March 2019, Word, Excel and Entrepreneurial Culture tools were trained to support women in their daily activities.

Theme and training

On the theme: “think fairly, build intelligently, innovate for change”, KELLAFRIQUE has set up a training course in computer tools on the one hand and Entrepreneurial Culture on the other hand with the aim of enabling young women beneficiaries of this memorable day to acquire and integrate this knowledge into their various projects.

With 11 young women in total, KELLAFRIQUE was able to supervise them from Friday 1st to Thursday 7th, from 8am to 4pm thanks to the trainers in order to maintain them on (the use) the office tools Word, Excel and Entrepreneurial Culture located in its offices in Yaoundé at the place called Acacia.

First, it was a question of involving young women in the use of Word and Excel for 6 days so that they could put into practice the editorial and mathematical techniques according to the entities involved.

Then comes the last day so March 7, 2019 was devoted to Entrepreneurial Culture which aimed to define the different steps related to a successful creation of his company. For some of these steps, we mention, for example, market research to talk about knowledge of the space to target, the product we want to develop and the potential customers who can buy our product.

These different steps also start from the financial amount to be paid for the project as well as the future prospects to be adopted for improving the sale of various products in the long term. Afterwards, an evaluation should be carried out monthly and annually in order to study its market and product on an ongoing basis. This global objective is in line with the Entrepreneurial Culture.

Although in society we already observe female “bosses” in several establishments and structures, occupying positions of responsibility, it remains the same that they still keep in mind that men are the only ones who can identify the monetary satisfaction of daily needs. An interest that marks KELLAFRIQUE and engages her to interest the young woman in this “memorable day” with the objective: to contribute and participate in social and cultural integration. (Context)

Graduation ceremony, photography, interviews and separante



At the end of the training organized by the KELLAFRIQUE Association, the trainers gave diplomas at the end of the training to all the participants, around which multiple photos were taken to mark this International Women’s Day. Interviews in French and English also accompanied this moment when learners and leaders at KELLAFRIQUE presented their satisfaction and the importance of the training process.

 To top it all off, a pleasant break between the members of KELLAFRIQUE, the external and internal trainers and the young women beneficiaries who together shared the cocktail that KELLAFRIQUE had prepared.