Rethink our Villages
KELLAFRIQUE has the ambition to rethink the village and agriculture in the digital age thanks to the networks of talented entrepreneurs partners (TEP)
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KELLAFRIQUE is Africa of the Future With Regions, Villages, Vision, Projects, And Talent Entrepreneurs Partners
kellafrique's History

The Association KELLAFRIQUE draws its origin from the urgent need of its founding President to want the development of Cameroon and Africa in general

Existing since 2012, the KELLAFRIQUE association was created under the vision of its President General and Founder Mr Pierre Biboum II, passionate about Sustainable Development and the well-being of men and women, he set out to set up an association whose vocation is to rethink Africa, its regions and villages.


Abonnez-vous et recevez les dernières actualités KELLAFRIQUE.

the Cameroonian regions

Find all the latest news from our Regions, departments, districts and villages: practical information on our different KELLAFRIQUE communities, descents, services and online procedures are on the agenda…

First information meeting

This information meeting in the BIYOUHA district of Nsong Bayang aimed to inform the populations and local authorities about the future activities of KELLAFRIQUE in the various villages of the district

Legalization of KELLAFRIQUE

KELLAFRIQUE a son siège social à Yaoundé au Cameroun. KELLAFRIQUE est légalisée en tant qu’association dans la ville d’Eséka

KELLAFRIQUE, First field trip

This first visit to the association’s site was made with the topographers to register the neighbouring villages and districts of NSONGA and BIYOUHA in the NYONG-ET-KELLE department, which is the pilot department of the KELLEWANDA Program.

First official meeting of KELLAFRIQUE

This meeting officially launched KELLAFRIQUE’s activities in Cameroon, it was held in Yaoundé in the presence of the Founder President and the Administrative Bureau of the association.

Date of creation KELLAFRIQUE

KELLAFRIQUE was created under the impetus of its Founder President Pierre BIBOUM II, with the aim of bringing Africa up, his country Cameroon and his country of origin up.