Values and Principles



Cooperation - Trust - Solidarity - Learning - Autonomy - Prosperity

Our values form the basis of our identity and contribute to the successes and the individual development of our organizations while being at the service of others.


Men and women are the most valuable resource. That is why KELLAFRIQUE, invests in training to increase the skills Talent  Entrepreneurs Partners who participate in the development and success of this project.

KELLAFRIQUE, is an association turned towards the prosperity and the satisfaction of others. We build lasting, trusting relationships with all men and women. Our commitment goes far beyond services, follow up and coaching. Our association »s slogan goes thus : Cooperating for learning and for entrepreneurship.


KELLAFRIQUE, is registered as part of a  movement of associations that values more the talent of men and women to the remuneration of capital. It aims to create local economic wealth, develop cultural traditions, maintain and develop employment and social cohesion. Strongly rooted in local development, KELLAFRIQUE is keen to provide services to villages, more generally to the regions ; to make them more attractive, facilitate the emergence of ideas and entrepreneurship.

To achieve this, KELLAFRIQUE sets the following goals:

  • To allow everyone to undertake and contribute to the economic development of his village.
  • To undertake collectively and work differently by participating in a social, cultural, economically viable, liveable and equitable alternative.


An association that lays emphasis on the principles of sustainable développement

KELLAFRICA fully integrates these principles of sustainable development :

The health protection and the improvement of the quality of life of indigenes are at the center of concerns about sustainable development. Everyone has the right to a healthy and productive life, in harmony with nature.