What do we do?


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KELLAFRIQUE, is an association focused on the prosperity and satisfaction of the other.

We build lasting and trusting relationships with all men and women.

Our commitment goes far beyond services, accompaniment and coaching.

economical development

KELLAFRIQUE wants to develop and diversify the economy in order to increase the standard of living of the population by creating and offering more qualified jobs .

Natural Heritage

KELLAFRIQUE undertakes actions to raise awareness and to make owners, institutions and the population aware of their responsibilities with regard to natural heritage.

Jobs and Entrepreneurship

It is a question of finding a good match between the type of job available and the type of work available, and educational attainment of the population and to promote youth entrepreneurship.

local development and local politics

Develop ways to encourage citizen participation in political decision-making.
Promote parity between men and women in decision-making bodies.

Water Quality and Waste Management

KELLAFRIQUE participates in the widening of access to drinking water and the improvement and creation of infrastructures for sustainable development for the benefit of all.

Population Health

The KELLAFRIQUE association intends to allow and increase the accessibility to a family doctor as well as local accessibility to


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