KELLAFRIQUE wants to create jobs in all sectors of society ; the primary sector, secondary, tertiary and socio-community. In addition to promoting employment, it is essential that the quality of the remuneration is at the rendezvous.

Some issues with the workforce in the mode of remuneration and the precarious working conditions. It is a question of finding a good match between the type of available job and the level of education of the population. Average incomes are low or non-existent because of the large number of jobs in traditional sectors. No jobs in the service sector (motor, public and household). KELLAFRIQUE is committed to transferring activities from the new economy to the traditional sectors, which will have a major impact on the level of wages and the distribution of income.

  • Improve access to a qualified workforce mainly from "KELLAFRIQUE DEMAIN", who promises to offer advanced training courses adapted to the manufacturing processes both technically and in terms of front-line management and who will work to improve working conditions and foster the acquisition of skills in human resources management.
  • Increase the wage level of workers in KELLAFRIQUE communities: attract public service jobs and increase the capacity of well-paid employees.
  • Develop measures to promote family-work balance.
  • Promote entrepreneurship as a means of economic development and diversification by exposing social and technological innovation and the quality of jobs for all sectors.

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