Water quality and waste management




No villages in the communes process all or part of the wastewater. Municipalities have started work on this and will soon be part of the working group. To predict the problem of forest and agricultural drainage, from drainage ditches, which are the cause of sediment input into rivers during intense and abundant rainfall. Also sanitation problems. Seasonal flooding is becoming more and more common in some areas. To provide a water management committee, a creation of a work fund for the construction of drinking water wells.

  • Complete and optimize KELLEWANDA waste management (recycle, recover, re-use and recover), which involves raising awareness among the population, companies, etc.
waste management

For a better waste management it will be necessary to plan several collections which are as follows:

– collection of putrescible waste

– collection of agricultural plastics and their frequency

– garbage collection at the whole of KELLEWANDA.

The creation of several landfills will be necessary first of all and then a conversion

in a Technical Landfill following the evolution of KELLEWANDA.

  • Complete and optimize KELLEWANDA's waste management (recycling, recovery, reuse and recovery), which involves raising awareness among the population, companies, etc.


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